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" we're so excited Keith Cheney is doing this. He's so passionate about helping others and ridiculously talented.,,we're subscribing for us and all our friends."- Chicago   

"brilliant positioning and finding a simple, effective way to bring much needed information in a creative entertaining way...learned more about how CBD can help me in an hour with this site and content than I've known in a lifetime .searching for this  kind of solution.   New Jersey  

"seeing this makes me so happy...such a fun find and new online friends...." Kansas City

For Us, This is Personal

Bringing the subject to the light of day is one thing, helping people navigate theoverwhelming amount of misinformation, noise and new products is another.   We know from our association with the industry that qualitycontrol and lab certification is a critical element and are focusing onthose solutions that can show the best of the best and why that is so.  

Keith Cheney has long dreamed about being able to combine his vision, passion and God given talents to help people and create a dynamic business that people want to be involved with and follow our success.

And so, GettingHealthyNotHigh™ was created and has begun to launch

"Our mission is to lead the way, provide the latest in depth information and encourage people of all ages to understand, evaluate and find the best solutions to have a happy, healthy lifestyle. 

We know we can make a difference and, so we will.

Keith's  personal experience learning about CBD is actually quite remarkable.

While having no interest in being involved with anything that remotely altered people's state or made them unable to function at work, play or just in their basic lives because he had seen too much.

And then, he was touched to learn about how CBD and other lifestyle choices, natural products and just how so many in this country are overmedicated, some by choice others by simply being a part of this country's current healthcare options and treatment regimes, could make a huge difference if people just knew about it.

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Meet Keith Cheney

Keith Cheney, getting heathy not high visionary, is on a mission. We engage, entertain and energize our subscribers and the world we live in for the best life experience and wellness they are meant to have.

A Kansas City native, he has begun his journey to meet and greet as many people in this country as is possible and even more via this GHNH lifestyle platform, social media, blog and podcast

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News & Trends

CBD Health, Wealth and Happiness

Getting Healthy Not High™ helps you get the things you want and the healthy ways you should have to keep you there.

Treats That Keep That Look You Love

Getting Healthy Not High™ isn't just for people, it's for pets as well. Especially the canine crew at your house.

Green Is The New Now

Getting Healthy Not High™ will be bringing some of the best of the best in cooking tips, recipes and trends. 













Ceally shares her story on how she got started; her touching account of how CBD helped her son; and, on how she's become the original "hempenuer". 

This three part series showcases two industry thought leaders and visionaries on just how insight, information and inspiration combine with the right combination of supplements can make significant changes in each of their lives along with those they touch along the way.   

Getting Healthy Not High™ is an educational media platform featuring Keith Cheney, designed to bring best in class engagement worldwide.

This special podcast is available only to members of getting healthy not high™. Access to these special programs and other trending content is easy to obtain via our FREE NEW MEMBER REGISTRATION. 



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Subscribers benefit from the latest direct information and entertainment  with access to the site as well as receiving notices, minimal offers and the opportunity to upgrade to our soon to arrive premium levels. Subscribing not only helps us know your better, but gives you the chance to help energize our efforts, content and sharing with your family and friends.

What can I expect from my subscription? 

You can expect to be the first to know about any changes, special trends, events and have the ability to not just access content but also be able to upgrade to premium levels as they are offered too subscribers. You can also expect for us to provide you with content that is interesting, compelling, entertaining and provides you with a unique perspective you will grow to love.

What does that mean for subscribers?    

It's pretty simple. Even though we have partnerships and benefit from those, our editorial process and standards preclude anything other than working to create the best content, fact checked and as fair, honest and accurate you will find anywhere.   

How do I subscribe and is will my information be used outside the GHNH platform?    

It's easy to subscribe, just click here and get started. GHNH will not sell or share your personal information to any outside third party,    

When will you be developing meet ups in local markets?    

Getting Health Not High™ is developing a number of programs, organizations and events that will come online beginning early in 2020. GHNH is dedicated to meeting and greeting our subscribers and growing our community thru face to face opportunities.  We love meeting people, seeing new faces and catching up with old friends. Be a part of this experience by by subscribing today.    

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What products or companies are providing revenue opportunities to GHNH?     

From time to time we work with organizations, products and services. Some of those are Hempworx and NuYou Life, who not only share content and conversations, allow Keith Cheney and or Getting Healthy Not High, to receive monetary compensation.